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Health News -
03/27/2017 04:11 PM
Study finds decline in medical malpractice claims
Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital found paid medical malpractice claims for physicians in the United States declined during the past two decades.
03/27/2017 02:40 PM
'Active choice' intervention may boost flu vaccine rates
A study at the University of Pennsylvania suggests a behavioral economics technique may increase the number of people getting flu vaccines.

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Odd News -
03/27/2017 05:06 PM
Curious seal apparently tries to don sunglasses underwater
A visitor to a British aquarium captured video of a seal appearing to try to put on a pair of sunglasses that has been dropped into its pool.
03/27/2017 05:00 PM
Sanitation workers help New York woman dig for lost wedding rings
A New York woman who accidentally threw away her wedding rings received a little help from sanitation workers at a New Jersey processing facility.
03/27/2017 04:33 PM
Escaped horses run wild on California highway during morning rush
The California Highway Patrol said morning traffic on Interstate 680 in Walnut Creek hit a snag when two loose horses were spotted "violating the carpool lane."

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Latest News -
03/27/2017 08:13 PM
Denver Broncos out of Tony Romo sweepstakes
Options are diminishing for a Tony Romo revival next season with a franchise other than the Dallas Cowboys.
03/27/2017 07:43 PM
Natty Light inviting 'bro audience' to Augusta for Masters
Smylie Kaufman sat on a throne of Natural Light beer boxes last August when he announced his partnership with the new sponsor.

Trending Music News

Today's Music News

Trending news in all music genres Music News
05/20/2017 08:18 PM
Harry Styles' Solo Material: What We Do (And Don't) Want to Hear
We know Harry Styles has some songs. "Already Home," "Coco,” Endlessly," “5378 Miles" -- these are the...
03/27/2017 08:11 PM
Liam Payne Thanks Fans for 'Love & Supportive Messages' Welcoming Newborn Son
Liam Payne thanked fans for their "love and supportive messages" days after he and Cheryl Cole welcomed a new baby boy.  "Thank...
03/27/2017 07:38 PM
DJ Khaled to Appear in 'Pitch Perfect 3'
DJ Khaled is the latest star to join the Pitch Perfect 3 cast.  The hip-hop savant teased his new role on social media Monday (March 27),...
03/27/2017 06:58 PM
Drake Cancels Amsterdam Concert (Again) After Doors Had Opened
Drake postponed his concert in Amsterdam Monday (March 27) night due to illness, disappointing fans who had already shown up to the Ziggo Dome....


Today's blog post with author Rodney Strange, alias 'The Rusty Goat'
Strange Thinking
03/26/2017 09:38 AM
'More Woes of a Single Dad'


You've heard of dry humor? I do dryer humor. I go through dryers faster than I go through women. Yes, dryers...clothes dryers. I am on my third one this year. I know this is not a typical topic for a single man, but I'm not the typical single man. I am a single parent to a teen aged girl. Some of you are nodding in understanding now. One cannot go through a single day without a dryer with a teen aged girl in the house. Unfortunately, I suffered through three days of NDS...'no dryer' syndrome. It wasn't easy. I probably need counseling.
I had a dryer...bought it twenty years ago along with a matching washer. The last three years of its life was touch and go. At the end, it was on life support. Finally out of pity, I pulled the plug. Wasn't really pity per se, it died with a good forty pounds of wet clothes inside it. Before you marvel at the fact that a dryer lasted twenty years, let me explain. It wasn't actually used for twenty left for about ten years. With my ex-wife. It wasn't too long after the ex and the dryer and our child left that the trio stumbled across a fella who had a dryer of his own and that dryer went into storage. I happened to meet a woman who had a dryer as well, so it all worked out...for about seven years. As much as I liked her dryer, I found the woman herself impossible to live with, and as luck would have it when I kicked her to the curb, the dryer went with her.
Finding myself dryer-less and womanless, I called the ex who had left with my first dryer and questioned her about it. Yes, she said, it was in storage. Do I need it, she politely and thoughtfully asked. I replied that I was in desperate need of a dryer, and by the way, that evil woman took the washer as well. As luck would have it, both were in storage just waiting for some needy man like myself to come along. And then she moved in for the kill.
"I'll sell both of them to you for three hundred dollars."
I grew quiet as I lowered the phone from my ear and flipped it off. I could distinctly remember standing in the appliance aisle down at the Sears and Roebuck, writing out a check for over five hundred bucks for the pair some years earlier...and now I was expected to buy them all over again for three hundred bucks! But I needed a washer and dryer.
The old dryer ran like a Lincoln up until the weekend before school started this year, and really could it have picked a worse time? As my daughter headed out the door to spend the weekend with her mom, I stopped her.
"Hey, do you know if your mom has another dryer?"
With a sly smile, she responded, "I'll see what I can do."
Before the sun set that evening I was the proud owner of another used but free dryer. I must admit it took the edge off of my paying for the other one twice. Now, how my ex keeps coming up with all these dryers is a story in itself, and it's really none of my business...or yours. I'll just say this...if a man wants to work his way into a woman's heart, or wherever he was trying to get to...I suggest a bottle of wine and some roses, not an old beat up used dryer. But hey, it got me through a whole three months and I didn't have to buy any wine or flowers.
And so this evening I again stood in the aisle of the Sears and Roebuck, staring at dryers.
"I like this Kenmore." I pointed to a dryer that looked just like all the rest.
"Sure, I can order one for you and it will be here Monday." the pony-tailed, goatee-sporting salesman responded.
'Naw, you don't understand. I need it tonight."
"But this dryer is just for show. I can't sell this one to you."
"You don't understand. I have a teenaged daughter at home."
"Oh..." He stroked his beard as he thought for a minute, "Well, back your pickup up to the door and we'll load this baby up!"
Hey, what's that? The buzzer! My clothes are dry...I'm so excited!

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