The top one hundred classic rock hits of every year in the decade of the 1970's

The top classic rock songs for each year in the seventies


Seventies classic rock music hits

Classic Rock Music ~ The Music That Will Not Die!

'Seventies Classic Rock Hits' The top one hundred classic rock hits of every year in the decade of the 1970s!

Rodney Stange, author of 'Nineteen Seventy Something' has vowed to preserve the memories of the decade of the nineteen-seventies!  If you were there back in the seventies, you know it was all about the music!

Nineteen Seventy Something Kindle Edition by Rodney Strange

 A note from author Rodney Strange:

We didn't call it classic rock back in the day. We were just kids...teens searching to find ourselves in the wild and untamed world of the seventies. It was the music, what is called classic rock today, that many of us turned to in searching for our identity. The Beatles and Elvis had revolutionalized music in America in the nineteen sixties, opening the door and setting the pace for rock music in the seventies.
America rode into the decade of the nineteen-seventies on a horse with no name singing 'Me and you and a dog named Boo' and 'Jeremiah was a bullfrog.' Rock music had discovered Broadway (or was it the other way around) with 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and Simon and Garfunkle were singing about some bridge.
The following year Carol King and 'The Godfather' were the talk of the town.
It was the mid-seventies that America seemed to spring to life. I ruined my ears to the sounds of Grand Funk Railroad and The Eagles. Olivia Newton-John had captured my heart and Stevie Wonder had captured the radio. I was burning up the back roads in my Plymouth Roadrunner still addicted to the Eagles.
To top off the decade of the seventies, the Eagles broke up and, get this...DISCO!