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Today's Goat Joke
Goat Joke of the Day
A farmer has a pregnant goat that is about to give birth. He washes his hands, goes over to the goat and helps her deliver a healthy baby goat. While cleaning up he sees his little boy sittin on the fence, eyes as wide as saucers.
The farmer thinks to himself that he is now going to have to explain all about the birds and the bees.
He walks over to his son and asks "So, any questions boy?"
Son : "Sure do Dad, reckon how fast that little goat was going when he hit the back end of that nanny goat?!"
By: The Rusty Goat
Rusty Goat's Goat Jokes
Why goat jokes? Well, judging by my name, it stands to reason that I might be fond of the animals...and they are very funny little critters. I've spent years rounding up every goat joke I could find...even made a few up myself! I gotta admit, there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing I have the best collection of goat jokes anywhere...I guarantee these goat jokes are good for a giggle!
From author Rodney Strange, alias The Rusty Goat

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