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You want Texas jokes? I've got a huge collection of jokes about Texas, Texans, Texas cowboys and even Texas jokes about Texas girls!  But first, a random funny pic!

Texas Joke of the Day
Today's Texas Joke
Texas Hunting Tale

If thereís anything I like to do, itís hunt. One day last week, I take my gun and go out to
practice. I hit the bullís eye the first time, but it cost me twenty dollars to pay
for the bull.

The best luck I ever had was when I went over to the Brazos one day last month. Iíd
been walking all day without seeing a thing to shoot at. I sits down on the bank of the
river to rest.. Pretty soon, I hear a noise up river, and I see about 500 ducks. I cock my
gun and take aim. Just as Iím going to pull the trigger, I hear a noise down river. I
turn to look and 5,000 geese are settling in. So I thinks to myself Iíd rather have geese
than ducks, so I aim at the geese.

Iím about to squeeze off a shot when I hear a noise in front of me. I look down and not
three feet away I see a great big rattlesnake. Must be six feet long if itís an inch, and
heís coiled to strike, his mouth wide open. Well sir, I cock both barrels, take aim at the
snake, squeeze the trigger, and let go with both barrels. The dang gun bursts apart. The
right hand barrel flies up river and kills the 500 ducks. The left hand barrel shoots down
river and kills the 5,000 geese. The ramrod shoots down the snakeís throat and chokes
him to death. The gunstock flies back and knocks me off my feet into the river, and I
come out with my boots full of fish.


Why Texas Jokes?

I'll be the first to admit that folks in Texas tend to be a bit funny...and we all know that! That's why there are so many Texas jokes! Here's the deal, if you're from Texas, it's OK to laugh out loud at these Texas jokes...if you ain't from around here, you're only allowed to snicker, maybe grin a little....but don't let us catch you laughing out loud at gets us all 'swolled up!' Enjoy these Texas jokes...there's a new joke every day!

A new Texas joke everyday!
From Texas author Rodney Strange, alias The Rusty Goat
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