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A novel by Rodney Strange

Nineteen Seventy Something
The prequel to the series, 'Lives of Steele' takes us back to the delightfully nostalgic era of the seventies to a time of fast cars, loud music, back roads, drive-in movies, first loves, and a young man named Steele.

When a naive, sheltered son of a wandering preacher finds himself suddenly thrust into a wild and untamed world of the seventies, alone and on his own, he is faced with a choice: grow up before his time, or grab life by the horns and hang on for the ride of a lifetime!
Along the way, as Rusty Steele takes on some of life's greatest challenges, he discovers the greatest challenge of all...the pursuit of love! Two women will appear in his life. One will manipulate him with the power of her seductive passion, the other offers only pure love...a love of such magnitude that few have ever experienced. Which one will win the heart of Rusty Steele? It's in the hands of destiny!

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