'How the Story Ends'

26 December, 2018rodster385Comments (0)


I filled a void in my life a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I can now move on. I don't partake in too many big screen films, having forked out my hard earned money on three movies over the course of as many years. I have had an insatiable desire to see 'Wonder Woman' ever since it came out earlier this year, but frugalĀ as I am had patiently waited for the movie to appear on Netflix, Hulu, or TubiTV. As the end of the year loomed before me, just days away, I found myself distraught that I'd not fulfilled the one item left on my 2018 bucket list. And then a miracle happened, small, perhaps too small to be classified as a miracle, but nonetheless, the DVD magically appeared on my kitchen table.
I inserted the DVD into the play station hooked up to my tv that evening and after an hour of trying to figure out how to work a PlayStation, settled into my easy chair. For the next two hours, I blinked not one time, my mind transported to the midst of World War II. The plot was of sufficient substance, the characters were solid as Lego blocks, and yes, Wonder Woman found her way to my heart. And then the last few moments of the film flickered before my eyes and the credits rolled.
"What kind of an ending was that?" I wrinkled my nose. "That's not how I would have ended the movie!"
But it wasn't my story to end, and that's the end of that.
I am a writer. I've written a few books and believe it or not, I've yet to end one. Perhaps it's the old saying, 'Never burn a bridge.' Can I one day put my star character out to pasture? Well, of course, I will have to. I know how the story will end...and that's two books away. Will every reader be satisfied with the ending I, the author, choose? Probably not, but it's my story and I get to pick. I get to play the god of my imaginary world and like chess pieces, I get to manipulate my characters any way I want. It is an awesome feeling!
I was surprised to find myself in a quandary after viewing the movie. I realized the immense responsibility an author has to his/her readers or viewers. But the thoughts rambling around in my head as I spent the next hour trying to get the disk out of the PlayStation were not all about the movie. I found myself pondering how I want my story to end...no, not a book. My life story...how will it end? Do I get to choose my own ending? Will I ride off into the sunset in my never-ending quest of a perfect woman? See, that's not a good ending. I would want the story to end after I found the woman of my dreams...well, not right after I find her. Maybe a hundred years later. Will the movie of my life draw to a close as I stand on the porch of my vast ranch house with the love of my life by my side as I gaze across an endless landscape of ranch land? At the last few seconds of the story, I gaze into my woman's eyes and exclaim,
"It was a good life, wasn't it Bessie?"
To which she would respond, "Bessie? Who the hell is Bessie?"
Well, I don't know about that one either. I guess we don't get to pick our final chapter. I suppose most of our endings come with us laying in a coffin with, as my daddy used to say, people you never knew gawking at you. Maybe I shouldn't worry much about the final chapter. Perhaps I should concentrate on all the chapters between now and then. I do have a choice on how my story plays out, however many chapters I happen to have left. We, being the feeble minded humans we are, tend to think a new chapter begins with each new year. Maybe I need to work on making my next chapter eventful and exciting. Maybe that needs to be my New Year's resolution! So when that clock strikes midnight on December 31st...I'll be ready. A blank page just waiting for me to write something down on!

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