'The New Secular Morality'

16 December, 2018rodster385Comments (0)


I slept through the revolution. Last time I was paying attention, Hollywood was churning out movies brimming with an overabundance of nudity, murder, and profanity. Rap artists were promoting hate, rape, cop killings, and the degradation of all women and anyone not of their race, yes, racial prejudice. What's that? All that is still happening? So, what's the deal with our Christmas songs?
Suddenly, the popular Christmas tune 'Baby It's Cold Outside,' written in 1944, has been labeled a song about perverted pedophilia. 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' promotes bullying. And right out of the blue comes the revelation that Santa should be recognized as a genderless being, like the angels in heaven. I saw the movie, 'Bad Santa' and I'd venture to say Santa is no angel.
It appears to me that those folks who will never accept the status quo have decided to regroup. Their 'Right to Choose' movement is on shaky ground. Abortion clinics have been shuttered throughout the country. State legislatures have passed laws not favorable to their agenda. Ohio is even considering making abortion a crime punishable by death to both the mother and any doctor who performs abortions. Public opinion is shifting as multitudes around the nation begin realizing we've been murdering unborn babies by the millions.
Transexuals are losing their foothold and gays and lesbians are trembling that they may be next as the radical leftwingers leave them behind in the dust in their pursuit of another cage to rattle. After all, the Confederate statues are nothing more than chunks of concrete in some landfill. Luckily the NRA is still standing though and we still have our guns. The restless ones have grown bored of the same old battles and now seek new challenges.
So, while you and I were sleeping, they have decided to take on morality, in fact, redefine it to suit their agendas. Some Millennials are now approaching their forties and woe to the rest of us, are beginning to take their 'rightful' place as those who will lead America to greatness, not Donald Trump's vision of a great America, but theirs. What has been accepted as acceptable for generations is now subject to intense scrutiny. American patriotism is now viewed by those on the other side of the fence as something of an evil force to be quelled. Democracy belongs in a museum, nothing more than an antiquity as the voices of the misinformed preach the concept of socialism. Free Enterprise is the work of the devil if there is such a person in the minds of the secular morality definers. And the Constitution is just an outdated idea on faded parchment.
Yes, secular morality. Not the morality spoken of in sixty-six chapters of the Bible, but a morality being carved out by the 'game changers.' Their intentions may be good, indeed by their own definition, they view themselves as 'do-gooders' determined to change all that is 'not good' in their eyes. Intent on changing the world to suit themselves, a vast number of these people have no interest in serious romantic relationships, in fact, little interest in sex, refusing to put their smartphones down long enough to accomplish the act. In a recent poll, this segment of society said they'd rather give up sex for a year than forego their Amazon account. As a result, pornography finds itself on wobbly knees. Playboy put clothes on its Playmates and Tendr has abolished nudity on its site. More will follow. I don't oppose the change but would have scoffed five years ago had anyone told me this day would come.
The #MeToo movement has been a success, destroying many deserving individuals and some not so deserving. This new view of morality is merciless to those who refuse to conform. There will be more who fall. Guided by misguided encouragers like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Mr. Amazon himself and owner of the biased Washington Post, and Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, the new morality crusaders will have the rest of us cowering in fear. When we allow a select few to set the norms, our very freedom is at stake. Recently Tim Cook, who proudly boasts of his homosexuality, defended the banning of certain speech and news media on Apple platforms when they violate the "values" of their company. 'Not banning those who violate Apple's values is a sin.' That should concern all of us.
He continued, " I believe the most sacred thing that each of us is given is our judgment, our morality, our own innate desire to separate right from wrong."
Yes, but not define what is right and what is wrong. Not to impose your definition of moral upon our society. And not to persecute those who don't see your morality as their morality.
As human beings, we don't get to define morality and sin to suit our own desires, preferences, and agendas. What will we become if we are censored according to someone else's definition of right and wrong?
A psychology professor and sex therapist at Minnesota State University and apparently a satanist, has even pointed his finger at God Himself concerning the Virgin Mary. I'll not be a party to blasphemy, but you can read the article here. It is deviant individuals such as this who are leading the misguided morality crusaders into battle. As the Bible states, mankind is like the sheep, easily led by whoever chooses to lead. My daddy used to tell the story about a slaughterhouse that kept a got in the holding pen with sheep that were to be slaughtered. When to door to the slaughterhouse was opened, the goat would walk into the slaughterhouse. The sheep would follow him inside, where two men waited with sledgehammers. We cannot follow the goats to our doom.
On this subject, Franklin Graham said, "Sin and morality have been defined by the God of the universe. God and God alone. God’s Word, the Bible, is the standard by which questions of good and evil, and right and wrong, are determined."
Hey, Frosty the Snowman is on TV. Oh, he's not wearing any pants...and he is smoking a pipe! The 'Secular Morality Sin-Busters' are gonna ice that guy!

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