'The Preacher's Wife'

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Continued from last week's story   


I shoved the empty plate to the side and exhaled.
"Oh wow, that may have been the best chicken fried steak I've ever eaten!"
Leaning forward and placing my elbows on the table, I gazed into the preacher's wife's sparkling green eyes.
"Deanne, tell me something about yourself that nobody else knows!" I grinned and chuckled.
She thought for a moment and a smile came over her face. She leaned forward and whispered.
"I'm forty-five years old and have never had an orgasm...ever!"
"Argh!" I ducked my head to hide my reddened face, laughing uncontrollably, "I can't believe you told me that!"
"Your turn!" she spoke softly while playing with her bangs.
"Well, I certainly can't top that, but I drank my first beer on the front steps of a Baptist church."
"Oh my, God's gonna get you for that! How old were you?"
"I was fifteen. I found a can of beer in a ditch and temptation overcame me. And I'm certain God has not forgotten!"
Deanne gazed around the restaurant.
"How did you find this place? It's so elegantly decorated. Interior design is my passion. If I could have one dream come true, it would be to become an interior decorator."
"Yeah, it was one of the first homes built in the city in the early nineteen hundreds. Someone bought it and turned it into this. See, dreams come true. You might become a world famous decorator yourself, you know."
"Yeah and no. That would take some college and I can barely afford to feed myself after my deadbeat preacher husband ran off with the church treasurer. So Rusty, do you really think you can teach me to dance tonight?"
"Never met a woman I couldn't teach something." I grinned as I rose from my chair, "Come on, let's find out!"
The preacher's wife was a natural on the dance floor and had her steps down pat within the first hour. We danced until our feet gave out and found ourselves contently engaged in conversation the remainder of the night, sipping 7-UP and occasionally glancing toward the crowded dance floor. When Deanne wasn't looking, I glanced at her. Dressed down in a pair of Wranglers and a plaid shirt, she, like the restaurant we had dined at, had a charming elegance about her. Heavily adorned in turquoise jewelry, she looked like she had just stepped off the ranch for a night on the town, I thought. She was indeed a prime example of the cream of the crop of all the Texas women I'd ever met.
As I walked Deanne to her car sometime after midnight, I analyzed the evening I had spent with her. Nope, nothing wrong with this official first date. I gave it a perfect ten. Reaching her car, we awkwardly paused, as folks on their first date tend to do.
"Tired of me yet, cowboy?"
"Oh, hell no!" I responded before checking myself, "Oh, I'm very sorry. I spoke a curse word in front of a preacher's wife."
She giggled, "I accept your apology. And if there are more lights like this one ahead of us, I might just let you talk dirty to me someday."
The preacher's wife leaned against her car, wrapping her arms around my waist and pulling my body against hers.
"Um, Rusty, I've never done anything like this before. I only dated one man in my life, my husband, so this is a very new experience for me. Don't judge me too harshly if I make a misstep along the way, okay. I really like you and I don't want to blow this."
I peered into her eyes in the yellow glow of the streetlight and responded, "I really like you, too. Honestly, I tried to find some flaw in you all evening and nothing!"
"So," she hesitated nervously, "Why don't you come to my place next Friday night. I'm a damn good cook, not my first time to say damn, by the way. I'll cook a roast and all the fixins' and may even make you a cake. What's your favorite cake?"
"Chocolate and I'll be there Friday night...if I can find Petcock, Texas."
I'll call you later in the week and give you directions," she grabbed my shirt and pulled me even tighter against her body, "Kiss me goodnight. Kiss me like you mean it!"
Our lips met in the dimness and we kissed passionately, Deanne breathing heavily with the tiniest moan escaping her lips as I slowly pulled away.
"Oh...oh...oh!" she seemed to pant for air, "That might just get me through to Friday night!"
I turned and headed into the darkness, pausing to look over my shoulder one more time.
"Drive safe, preacher's wife!"
I turned completely around to face her.
"No more preacher's wife! From this moment forward, I am going to live my life the way life should be lived. You in?"
"Definitely!" I grinned and walked away.
"I am definitely in." I muttered to myself, "Definitely."




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