'Just Jacy'

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Continued from last week's story 'Those Blue-eyed Cowgirls'...  

She sucked the last drop from the bottom of the cup, the straw making a noisy gurgling sound causing her to giggle out loud. She gave it one last suck for good measure, her blue eyes darting in my direction mischievously.
"All gone, sweetheart!" I said, grinning.
"Chocolate is such an amazing aphrodisiac. I love chocolate!"
"Aphrodisiac. That's a mighty big word for a blonde to be throwing around!"
Jacy Morrow beamed with faux pride, "You don't even know what the word means. It means..."
"I know what it means. Let me order you another chocolate milk shake."
We both laughed as a cute red headed car hop scooted up to the pickup on rollerskates.
"Will y'all be needing anything else? We're fixin' to close."
"Last chance for that milk shake!" I pointed a finger toward Jacy.
She shook her head at the waitress and smiled.
"Now, don't you agree that this is better than getting naked in a hot tub and getting drunk on cheap wine."
'Oh, definitely!" I replied and rolled my eyes.
Out of the three blue-eyed darlings that had vied for my attention at the rodeo earlier that evening, it had been Jacy that came across the finish line. I'd not regretted my choice for a second even though she had opted for a milk shake at the Sonic Drive-in over a romp in my hot tub. We had spent the better part of an hour slurping through our straws and getting to know each other. As the lights flickered out around us, I realized what I had suspected all along...I was extremely attracted to this woman. With a ten year age gap, I knew it was a long shot, but, I thought as I cranked up the pickup...she was sitting right there in my truck, right beside me like a high school cheerleader.
Her Ford Mustang was the only car left sitting in the rodeo grounds parking lot and I eased the truck up beside it.
"That was fun. I enjoyed the night with you." I spoke quietly, glancing at the girl beside me.
"It really was! You are a great guy. Maybe we can do it again sometime."
I cleared my throat, "So Jacy, want to go dancing with me next weekend?"
Her laughter startled me.
"Oh, no."
My ego crushed like a beer can, I asked, "Is it the age thing, Jacy?"
"Oh...no, not at all. Maybe someday I will go dancing with you."
"That's not a yes..."
"And it's not a no." She winked and darted toward her car.

(The following Friday)
I handed her my debit card to pay for the breath mints.
"Could I get twenty dollars back?"
My gaze focused on the countertop before me.
"So, I take it you're going dancing without me?"
"Yep. I'll just go dancing all my myself!"
She handed me the twenty and responded, "Walk me out to my car. It's going home time for me."
The two of us stepped out into the waning evening light, walking so close that we could feel the electricity radiating from the other's body. I glanced at the blonde and smiled.
She grinned and tossed her ponytail, "I am so sexually frustrated today."
I laughed, "I try not to get that way...all wound up and nowhere to go with it."
The blonde placed her elbows on the hood of my pickup, glancing downward to be sure she was displaying just enough cleavage then eyed me to see if I was noticing. I noticed just long enough to let her know I had, then gazed into what I considered the most beautiful blue eyes on planet Earth.
She ran her fingers through her ponytail, "I have a headache...and I really am sexually frustrated."
I replied, "Well...I don't have an aspirin...."
She stared deep into my eyes, "But you could help me out with the other?" She glanced back at her car, "I guess my back seat might do."
I grinned, "Back seat of my truck has more room."
Neither of us made a move.
"Well, if you have a weak moment and are tempted to fall for some woman at the bar this weekend, call me instead..ok?"
She brushed her fingertips ever so lightly across the top of my hand, sending a tingling sensation through my whole body, then turned and walked to her car.
"Careful going home," I called to her.
"You too." and she blew me a kiss as she shut her car door.
What I didn't know as I watched Jacy Marrow drive off into the sunset was that this was just the beginning of a beautiful...well, I don't believe a word exists for what we would come to be. It would take me some time, years, in fact, to figure out that Jacy...was just Jacy. I pulled the pickup out of the gravel parking lot and headed in the direction of the city. Hells bells, I had plenty of women just waiting to dance with me. I shook the thought of Jacy Morrow from my mind and turned the radio up loud. It would be the next morning before I found the text on my phone that read, 'Think of me when you dance with her...'

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