'Rodeo Queens and Tight Fittin' Jeans'

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Continued from last week's story 

Riding high on the euphoria of a finalized divorce just hours ago, I dribbled spit on my index finger and touched it to the iron. As I pressed my red Wrangler shirt, my mind lingered on the ravishingly beautiful blue eyed woman who had locked her gaze upon me in the courtroom earlier this very day. I exhaled a deep sigh at the prospect that I'd never see her again. Shrugging it off, I reached for my blue jeans and stretched them across the ironing board. Today was Friday and I was now a free man. A celebration of this great event was my goal tonight, and as I dressed and positioned my black cowboy just right on my head, I set my jaw in determination. It was now my duty as a free man to do what free men do...chase women. And the only place I knew to chase women was at the bar up in the city. As I steered my pickup down the dusty road, I decided I was hungry and perhaps a chicken fried steak would be the best way to kick off this celebration.
I stepped into the diner and seated myself at my usual booth. An attractive blue eyed waitress, probably in her mid-forties, named Vickie, scurried to my table with a sweet tea in hand.
"Let me guess...chicken fried steak."
"How'd you know, Vickie?"
"You never order anything else," she replied with a giggle, "You sure are prettied up. Going to the rodeo tonight?"
"Aw, I forgot about the rodeo! I was going dancing but..."
"No, you have to go to the rodeo. Might find yourself a cowgirl!"
She winked and grinned.
"Two questions. Are you a cowgirl and are you going to the rodeo?"
"Well, I can be and yes, just as soon as my shift ends at eight."
"Well, maybe we'll bump into each other at the rodeo!" I replied as I suddenly decided I just celebrate my new found singleness at the rodeo.
After polishing off an extra large chicken fry and leaving a five dollar tip on the table, I pulled out of the gravel parking lot of the diner and whipped into the next parking lot where the only convenience store in town stood. Breath mints were on my mind as the little bell jungled on the door as I entered, but my eyes were immediately drawn to a perfectly formed butt behind the counter. Jacy Marlow glanced over her shoulder as she carefully loaded a basket of burritos into the deep fryer. Turning around, her blue eyes met mine and a smile spread across her face.
"Hi, Cowboy! Rodeoing tonight?"
"Yep, I'm in the bull riding competition." I grinned and winked.
"Don't take this wrong but bull riding is for young cowboys."
"Well then, I'll just go chase cowgirls. My divorce became final today."
"Is that so?"
I detected a glimmer in her blue eyes. "Yes, and I need some breath mints, just in case. You going to the rodeo, Jacy?"
"Um-hum," she responded as she laid the mints on the counter. "I just need to wrap up some loose ends here and then dash home and change."
"Maybe our paths will cross there."
"Maybe..." those blue eyes locking onto mine, "I'm taking my daddy. He's too old to chase cowgirls but he sure likes to look."
I paid for the breath mints and glanced once more into those blue eyes, "Hope to see you there!"
"Watch for me! I'm wearing my neon pink blouse."
My euphoria had become raging giddiness as I pulled the pickup to a stop at the rodeo entrance. A young cowboy sauntered up to my window and smiled.
"Rodeoing all alone tonight?" he questioned as he took my money.
"I may drive through this gate all alone, but I don't intend to leave alone!" I shot back with a guffaw.
"You go, old cowboy! There's plenty of good looking cowgirls in there already. Good luck to you!"
I eased through the gate and slowly drove through the pasture that served as a parking lot to hundreds of pickup trucks and horse trailers. Dust hung in the air as I came to a stop. My eyes darted around and a huge grin spread across my face.
Rodeo queens and tight fittin' jeans everywhere. It was time to saddle up!

This story continues next week!

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