'This Week We Look At Porn'

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Whaddya mean, where's the pictures? No, we aren't going to look at porno pictures...we're going to talk about porn. Well, that got rid of most of you. I remember the very first time I caught a glimpse of a naked lady. Couldn't have been more than eight years old. I had carried an empty coke bottle the tenth of a mile to the feed store where they had a coke machine stocked with ice cold Coca-Cola. I stepped inside and was greeted by the stares of numerous farmers gathered around a table playing dominoes, shyly ducked my head and scurried toward the coke box as I dug the dime my mom had given me out of my pocket. As I reached around the side of the box to place my empty bottle in the rack, my eyes caught sight of her...right there on the wall, wearing nothing but a smile. Yes, boys and girls, Miss July was the very first woman who ever exposed herself to me. As you might guess, I became a dedicated coke drinker. Many of you don't remember a day when there was no internet, thus no internet porn. Us youngsters back in the day relied on National Geographic and the Sears and Roebuck catalog.
A few Sundays ago, the preacher touched on porn. He was on a roll preaching on various sexual sins when he hit on the topic. As the word 'porn' escaped his lips, I'd wager a full eighty percent of the men in the congregation shrunk to half their size, some even disappearing beneath the pews. A respectable number of women noticeably shifted uneasily in their seats as well. Not me. I sat there staring directly at the pastor with a smile on my face...I'm single, you know. No, that isn't the only reason. I readily admit I have run across a few naughty pictures on the internet in the past, but I personally am not one to become infatuated with this obsession. Once I determined that it's all basically the same, and there was nothing to learn that I hadn't already, I easily put that behind me. Sorta like golf...most everyone tries it at one time or another in their life...and most just don't see the point of it.
Back to the preacher...He continued, "Husbands, I have counseled your wives on this subject more than any other throughout my ministry, and if you could only understand the damage and devastation this causes in your marriage..." I might have dozed off momentarily because I'm single, you know. Then he caught my attention with this, "And wives..." He paused as if searching for the proper words, "You must understand that the male is a visual creature and..." He stopped in mid-sentence, choosing not to continue. I knew exactly where he wanted to go...and no, I don't blame him for aborting the topic. As he uttered those words, my mind immediately flashed back to my ex-wife, an attractive woman. She left for work every morning looking her very best. But weekends...not so much. I can vividly see those horrid gray sweat pants, the holey faded red sweatshirt that was her attire every single weekend. Absolutely no makeup and her hair pulled onto the top of her head like a mop, waving from side to side as she shifted throughout the house. Her appearance was much like that of an old red hen...yes, a chicken. Sexy? She wasn't ringing my bell. I have to confess I was always a bit envious of her co-workers who had the pleasure of seeing her in a more appealing way. Yeah, I know...all the women are pissed off now, but hey, I might just accidentally save a marriage.
What's so wrong with porn? Heck, what is the harm of prostitution, friends with benefits, and those creepy ads you just accidentally run across in the personals section of Craig's List? Because folks, we are better than that. To lower our standards and our values to that level makes us inferior beings.
God made man and then woman with the intent for human companionship and love. He then gave an awesome gift to mankind, a genuine and bonding way to express love for each other. He gave us the ability to experience sexual pleasure as the ultimate expression of our love for our chosen mate. That was His plan. We chose to violate the plan. Out of all the sins mankind has dreamed up throughout history, our sexual sins have undoubtedly caused our God the most grief. In fact, it was the lust of sexual pleasure that forced God to destroy mankind at one point in time.
In our society today, we no longer have to seek out porn. No longer do we have to slither off into a dark room and go incognito in search of it. It's as close as your Twitter feed. Porn is all over your television. Your favorite celebrities have become porn stars, gleefully showing their goods on magazine covers and all across the internet. Music artists turn porn into songs, or songs into porn and make videos about them. The message rings loud and clear throughout our land...sexual deviance is the norm.
This message reaches young adolescent boys...and girls. It teaches them what most parents fail to on the topic of sex. They set out on their worldly journey seeking to fulfill their own sexual fantasies. Sexual gratification becomes their ultimate goal. Society fails to emphasize the value of genuine love, compatibility, and the importance of human companionship. These young people become husbands and fathers, wives and mothers, who somewhere along the way become disillusioned when sex fails to fill the void they find in their lives. They then often turn to pornography. Many become obsessed. Many allow it to destroy their marriages, their families...their lives. Pornography is every bit as addictive, every bit as destructive as drugs.
Porn is not going to go away. It is our duty as parents to educate our kids on its dangers. It is our duty to instill moral values into our children's lives. We must teach our sons respect for the opposite sex and we must teach our daughters not to succumb to the pressures of society, of her peers, nor of that boy who has caught her eye. This is our mission as parents...to instill moral values into the very fabric of our children. So far, we are successfully failing them!

'Where'd You Hide The Money Honey?'

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With Author Rodney Strange   

I read on Time.com that somewhere around 44% of all husbands hide money from their wives. Well, I don't blame them...and there goes 50% of my reader fan base. So, now that it's just us guys...y'all know what I mean, don't you! Sure, sweetie has her own job and her own money. We all know what's hers is hers and when it's gone, what's yours is hers. And that's just the way it is.
I'm not looking for a fight here. I don't recall whether the author of the article I read was male or female, but I'd bet on the latter. It was a man-slamming piece intended to enlighten women to the fact that we men are holding out on them. In fact, in a follow-up article, our wives are tipped off to the revelation that 23% of husbands actually have a secret bank account, which from my point of view seems to be a smart move if we're going to hide our money from our wives in a secure manner. I do know of one man who just hides his money in the drawer his wife keeps her sexy lingerie in. He says he's done it for years and she's yet to find it.
We of the male gender are non-aggressive people. We really don't like confrontation especially with the opposite sex for there is no such thing as winning with them. It should be simple.
."Honey, this hundred dollar bill is mine. I worked hard for it all week. You can have the rest of my paycheck to do whatever you want with it....deal?"
Now come on guys, you know how that's going to go down. All that did was set the wheels in motion. She won't say anything but she's thinking it. Now she's convincing herself that you have a girlfriend on the side. A hundred bucks would buy your girlfriend some flowers...and lunch. Yep, you're probably spending your lunch hours with the new chick down in Human Resources. You sorry dog!
In reality, your wife's birthday is next month and you know how difficult it is to put back a little cash for her special day. If you could just stash a few twenties back from a paycheck or two, you could really surprise her with a steak from her favorite restaurant and maybe get her those diamond earrings she's been wanting. For deep down in your heart, you yearn to show her how much you love her.
Meanwhile, she is plotting your demise! How dare you so blatantly take a hundred dollars of your own money! Yes, she is convinced you are cheating on her! She'll show you, buddy boy! When she's through with you, she'll have the house, the Suburban, and you'll be paying child support for decades! And so to avoid all that you do what I would do. You slip a few bills out here and there and tuck them away. You don't tell her and pray she doesn't find out, for there will surely be hell to pay. It's so much easier keeping it a secret, right?
I had a wife once...well, I've had more than one. But this particular wife (shudder) was the one who taught me a thing or two. For instance...how to hide money and yes, even open up a secret account to keep it in. This wife really liked money! I couldn't tell seeing how we never had any. It all started about this time of year, back in 1992, I think it was. It was a Friday evening and after supper, I decided I'd set down and start preparing my tax return. I gathered the necessary stuff together and stacked them on the dining table, hunted down my solar-powered calculator, and stood staring at the task awaiting me. Glancing over at my wife, who was doing the dishes, I announced,
"Honey, I think I might run and get a six pack of beer before I start this."
She froze, her eyes staring straight ahead, in thought.
"Oh, I don't know if that's a good idea. This week is going to be pretty tight with the money. It would run us short."
I stared down at the W-2 form laying on the table...A hundred thousand and change in 1991. Back in '92 that was like a quarter million, right? My mind pondered the fact that it was Friday...payday...and we couldn't afford a three dollar six pack of beer?
So over the course of the next few days, I started snooping and discovered I had credit cards I never knew I had. Every credit card known to man! Sears, J C Penny, Discover (gasp!) and of course the typical Visas and Mastercards. I also discovered most were overdue. In the course of my investigation, I'd occasionally gander around the house in search of a clue as to where the money was going. Nope, no clues. Perhaps she was hiding money from me?
Over two decades later I still don't have the answer. But within a week of my discovery back in '92 I had opened a secret bank account and began socking away my bonuses and every other spare dime I came across. Over the course of the next year, I accumulated an impressive nest egg in spite of my wife's addiction to spending. To make a long story short, I kicked the wife to the curb a year or so later, paid off all her debts...and as luck would have it, wound up with another wife. But this time it was different. I made it clear to her up front that if we were going to get in it for the long haul, there'd be a few rules, number one: My money was my money and her money was her money, and if she ran out of her money, my money was not her money. Believe it or not, everything rocked along exceptionally well financially. Not once did we squabble about money. And we lived happily ever after for seven years...The End

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