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Bubba's Fishin'4.002010-02-11T
Daddy Long Legs0.002010-02-11T
Texas Teacher0.002008-12-26T
Good Advice for Campin\' in Texas...0.002008-12-26T
Texas Medical Terms5.002008-12-26T
Golden Phone5.002008-12-26T
Texans in Heaven5.002008-12-26T
Texas Phrases0.002008-12-26T
Texas Vasectomy0.002008-12-26T
Cowboy Riding into Town5.002008-12-26T
Texas College Student0.002008-12-26T
Texas Lingo0.002008-12-26T
Good Advice if You\'re Moving to Texas0.002008-12-26T
Short Skirt5.002008-12-26T
Texas Horoscope Signs4.002008-12-26T
Driving in Texas4.002008-12-26T
Low on Oil0.002008-12-26T
The Official Houston Hurricane Evacuation Plan5.002008-12-26T
Blue Necks?0.002008-12-26T
Size of the Ranch0.002008-12-26T
Trip to Texas5.002008-12-26T
Rules for the Texas Lifestyle5.002008-12-26T
Deer Hunting Story0.002008-12-26T
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