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Rodney Strange, author, entrepreneur, over-the-hill wanna-be cowboy,
and west Texas' most eligIble bachelor.
Rodney Strange wrote under the pen name 'The Rusty Goat' for years!
.I am an author. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. I've kept that part of me a secret to many people for a very long time. In fact, up until two years ago I never attached my name to any of my writings, disguised behind the mask of 'The Rusty Goat.' It was out of necessity at first. Those stories in the very beginning were about real live people, mostly crazy women, who had haphazardly crossed my path, most times only hours before the tales went live on the internet for all to see. So, you can see the need for secrecy. For years I have spun humorous stories based on my own adventures in life and share them with a vast online audience with my weekly blogs on the Rusty Goat website. I welcome you into my online home!

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 The Search for the Perfect Woman

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A romance filled, action packed adventure, 'Imperceptible - The Parables of Steele' takes the reader on a spiritual journey full of twists and turns of one man who discovers if he is to find the most important person in his life, he must first find himself...


Pecan Tree Care

With over twenty years of experience, pecan farmer turned author, Rodney Strange shares his expertise in growing pecan trees in this all inclusive book. If you have a pecan tree in your yard, you need this book! A best seller in Amazon Gardening...

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