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26 February, 2017rodster385Comments (0)


I don't know who came up with the idea back in ancient times, but this rule giving parents the sole responsibility of naming their children really needs to be re-evaluated. Don't you agree? If you were going to name yourself, would you have picked THAT name? I asked my dad once why he named me Rodney. He replied that there was a guy at church with that name. That's all he had to say about the matter. I eyed him suspiciously. Was there more to the story, I wondered as I stared at him through squinty eyes. Finally sensing that I needed to know more, he continued,
"He seemed like a nice guy and I sort of liked the name."
"You named me after some random dude who sat behind you at church because you kinda liked the name?"
Naming your first born son should be way up there on your to-do list! Thankfully the man's name wasn't Captain Crunch or Mr. Clean. I'd really be stuck like Chuck! See, Chuck is an okay name. Most any name would beat my name, in my opinion.
I think parents should only be allowed to name their children temporarily. When the child reaches a certain age, they should be able to name themselves. We'd have to set a limit on that or there would be lots of youngsters calling themselves Play-doh and Lego. I dunno, maybe by the age of fifteen they could make a sound decision on what they'd like to be called for eternity. Beibers and Mileys everywhere you turn.
Even God had some issues with those dreaded names parents picked for their kids. He just couldn't deal with the name Abram, there was just something missing. Throw in an 'H' and add another 'A' and walla...Abraham became known as the father of Isreal. In foresight, the Lord was even known to instruct folks what to name their kids. Name him John the Baptist...not Rodney the Baptist, he said. My daddy, the most dedicated Christian man I ever knew, chose not to name me Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. Not Abe or Moses or Noah but Rodney. Go figure!
We all are entitled to a misstep now and then. An author like I claim to be tends to claim their novels as their children. Seriously. I have spent more time pondering what to name my next book than I ever did with my kids. Took after my dad, I guess. I picked easy to spell names for my offspring...three and four letter names just in case they turned out to be on the slow side. I named a dog 'Dog' once. Three letters...can't mess that up. But naming a book...wow! Endless sleepless nights.
I gave the best book I ever wrote the wrong name. People told me not to name it that but did I listen? Did it sell? Noooo... It really is a great read. My mom and my ex-wife said so. They may be the only people who read it because names matter. Would you buy a book named 'Rodney?' Of course not. Neither would you buy a book named 'The Chimera Parables' because A) you have no clue what a Chimera is and don't even know how to pronounce it and B) "Parable" you mumble as you wrinkle up your nose and C) you just accidently followed the link to this post from Twitter and stopped reading this after 140 characters including spaces and punctuation.
But can you really rename a book? You can't rename your kid after you've sobered up and realized what you've done. Amazon.com seems to have no problem with it and while they are certainly not God, they're pretty powerful when you're a writer. If Saul can become Paul, then 'The Chimera Parables' can become...are you ready for it?
'Imperceptible: The Parables of Steele' and it didn't just come to me and yes, maybe y'all won't buy the book anyway. But I spent nearly a year writing this novel and dammit, someone needs to read it. Permit me to cue up a random blurb:
When his young son is kidnapped, Russell Steele sets out to find him, guided by nothing more than an obscure, twisted dream...
This vision, this dream, this supernatural experience driven by an imperceptible force from deep within his very being had led him to this very place, to this very woman who stood before him. The power from within that had directed him to this exact moment in time, overwhelmed him. The revelation of its now confirmed existence made his knees weak. What he had failed to understand throughout his life was now crystal clear. Beyond the logic, the knowledge, the common sense…there was more. Supernatural? Perhaps so, yet much more…a force from beyond, somewhere where one cannot reach guided him to this precise location on a planet so vast...
This suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat, novel is near impossible to categorize into one specific genre. A romance filled, action packed adventure, 'Imperceptible - The Parables of Steele' takes the reader on a spiritual journey full of twists and turns of one man who discovers if he is to find the most important person in his life, he must first find himself.
For fans of inspirational romance and suspense.
Now get this...not only do I have to choose names for all my books, I also have to name the characters in the books. That's no easy chore! Russell Steele? Let's call him Rusty. I think if I had been given the option to chose my own name, I'd have picked Rusty. Bet you never saw that coming!

'Imperceptible - The Parables of Steele' takes the reader on a spiritual journey full of twists and turns of one man who discovers if he is to find the most important person in his life, he must first find himself.


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