'I Beat Arthur'

12 February, 2017rodster385Comments (0)


With author Rodney Strange

"Um-hum, it's Arthur. He's always searching for some poor soul to torment."
I winced as the country doctor raised my arm above my head. I shook my head in confusion.
"Who is Arthur?"
"Arthur Itis. He creeps up on folks your age. You say you were painting the trim on your house?"
I nodded as he ran his fingers across my knuckles.
"I'm not old enough to have arthritis," I protested.
"Well, you're payin' for your sins and you aren't a young buck anymore. I can give you a shot of cortisone if you want. It'll hurt but that's the quickest fix."
My eyes widened, "How long's the needle?"
After a short discussion I opted for a prescription for some little green pills that the doctor assured me would relieve my pain but, he had cautioned, would likely 'set my belly afire if I forgot to eat something with them. He proved to be right on both counts.
That's been over a decade ago and the arthritis has nagged me ever since. Motrin managed it fairly well at first and the arthritis only cropped up occasionally, generally right before a change in the weather. But in recent years the pesky pain and stiffness have persisted and I began to notice buttoning my shirt becoming more of a challenge. The knuckles on my hands became seemingly permanently knotted and I couldn't make a fist or open a bottle of Dr Pepper without pulling out the pliers. I started dodging the pastor at church for fear he'd shake my hand. I began having nightmares regularly...me in a faded pair of coveralls just like my daddy and all the other old men used to wear. Now I understood why. They couldn't button anything but they could handle a zipper.
There were days in recent weeks that I had to lay down on the bed to button my blue jeans, like those chubby girls before heading out to the club. (Might have pissed someone off...sorry) I began to fret. Who would button my shirt in a year or two? Who would open all those cellophane wrappers for me? I had visions of myself in a nursing home, some smoking hot nurses aide holding my sippy cup for me as she stuck the straw in my mouth. Oh, woe is me, I despaired. I will be sitting around naked starving to death in just months! Something had to be done!
Well no, I didn't go to the doctor. He'd just want to shoot me up with cortisone and give me those dreaded green pills. But I was almost that desperate, in fact so desperate that I reached for my phone the other day to make an appointment. But just seconds before making that fateful call...
As I sit here writing this, a blue norther howls outside my window. For the first time in quite some time, it snuck up on me. My fingers are working just fine and I can even make a clenched fist. If I had a bottle of Dr Pepper, I'm pretty sure I could open it without the pliers. There is absolutely no pain or stiffness in my hands. So, pray tell? Would you like to know? Did I discover the cure for arthritis?
I don't believe in taking any more medications than absolutely necessary and I don't particularly care to go to the doctor. I also firmly believe that the Good Lord put everything we need right here on this planet for us that we'll ever need. When I began researching arthritis remedies, I ran across an article describing how arthritis isn't so prevalent in southeast Asia due mainly to what researchers believe can be attributed to the customary diet of Asian dwellers. It was worth a try, I decided. No, I didn't cook Asian food...it comes in a neat little capsule!
Tumeric, or more specifically, a chemical called curcumin that is found in the spice, has been used for centuries in southeast Asia to relieve inflammation. It is also used for headaches, bronchitis, colds, lung infections, fibromyalgia, leprosy, fever, menstrual problems, itchy skin, recovery after surgery, and cancers. Other uses include depression, Alzheimer's disease, swelling in the middle layer of the eye (anterior uveitis), diabetes, water retention, worms, an autoimmune disease called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), tuberculosis, urinary bladder inflammation, and kidney problems.
So, there you go...it fixes most everything! I can't vouch for its effectiveness in fighting leprosy or menstrual issues, but I can say...it has helped me tremendously with my arthritis. I feel like a new man and I no longer worry about not getting my britches zipped up when I step out of a restroom at the coffee shop. I beat Arthur! Now, there's a few other minor things I need to check on...like making those wrinkles disappear and um, maybe regrowing some of that hair on my head. If it's out there, I'll find it. I'll let you know!

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