'Bad Medicine'

15 January, 2017rodster385Comments (0)


I want you to play along with me here. Let's imagine a group of us got together, say five of us, and decided to put five dollars a week in a pot. Every Friday we'd draw out a name from somebody's hat and that person got the money we'd all contributed that week. Now, let's pretend that more and more folks joined our group and contributed their five bucks. One lucky person would win the prize every week...following me? Sounds like a pretty good game, right? Now, let's say the fella who's pot we were putting our money in decided we should pay him a portion of the money for using his pot, and the fella who's hat we'd draw names from wanted payment for using his hat....and the person who was in charge of drawing the name from the hat wanted to be compensated as well. Suddenly, our prize money begins to dwindle to the point that the only folks coming out ahead were the man who owned the pot, the man who owned the hat, and the fella pulling the name out of the hat. Well, that would suck and most of us wouldn't want to play that game anymore.
Folks, that's what is wrong with Obamacare. It seems logical to me and a few others that if every man, woman, and child in our country is contributing toward affordable health care, there ought to be lots of money in the pot. Yet, premiums continue to skyrocket. Why? I'd venture to guess it's because there's too many hands dipping from the pot. There are some of you out there in la-la land who can't seem to absorb that.
I don't have Obamacare. I have had my own health insurance for decades. It used to be the best insurance on the planet. When a rowdy horse broke my leg way back, I believe it cost me around a hundred bucks to get it fixed. That included the surgery and a nice titanium plate screwed into my leg bone. When my daughter was born back in '98, I paid a hundred and fifty dollars...total. When I had a heart attack back in '05, I was out around twelve hundred dollars...that included time spent in ICU. But when I had my gall bladder sucked out through a straw a couple of years ago and sent straight home afterward, I was out sixteen hundred bucks. I think it would probably cost me about that much just for a doctor's visit now.
See, Obamacare users, it's not all about you. Obamacare has screwed up the whole system. Our government stuck their nose somewhere it didn't belong and forced insurance companies to follow a whole new set of rules. The insurance companies pursed their lips and said, "Okay, but we're going to dip more money out of the pot." Meanwhile, the doctors and hospitals saw what the insurance companies were up to and they decided to dip more money out of the pot for themselves, as well. When the pot began to run dry, the government told us we'd have to put more money in. Now, don't overlook what I said. We would HAVE to put more money in the pot, even if we didn't have more to contribute. So, now my monthly premium is more than my car payment and my auto insurance combined. And if anyone in my family ever gets sick, we'll have to have the car repossessed!
There's not a shadier bunch of people in America than the medical industry. They are professional crooks and lose no sleep at night ripping us off. Case in point: Last year I visited my doctor because I was experiencing a rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, and tingling in my hands. Sounds like a heart attack, right? He checked me out (25.00 co-pay) sent me across the street to the hospital for some blood tests (65.00) and told me to come back the following day (no charge of the follow-up) After all that, he determined my symptoms were due to a wild night at the local Pizza Hut and a reaction to all the MSG loaded into their pizzas. I paid my ninety bucks and vowed to stay away from Pizza Hut.
When my insurance company sent me a notice that they had paid the claim, I noticed my doctor had charged my follow-up visit as my annual 'Wellness Exam' i.e. a comprehensive annual physical, in effect bilking the insurance company out of hundreds of dollars. And it's not just him scamming the system. My daughter had two cavities filled and her teeth cleaned. I paid the co-pay and went on my merry way. But when I received a statement from my dental insurance company, the dentist had charged them for what looked like a major reconstructive procedure. I could go on and on with stories but you get the point.
Obamacare was a good concept but oh so flawed. Rather than assume a position of the 'watch dog,' the government just let the system unravel. Rather than impose penalties on those in the medical field who abuse the system, they simply gave the nod to increase premiums. Rather than encourage fair competition, which in turn, would keep rates affordable, they allowed a select few insurance companies to gouge the American public. Rather than step in and admit that Obamacare wasn't working, they simply shrugged their shoulders and said, "Sucks to be you."
When your washing machine quits working, you throw it out and get another one, right? If your fridge won't keep your milk cold, you get another one. If your husband isn't doing the job for you anymore...you get the picture. Same with this Affordable Care crap. Kick it to the curb and find something that works. Yes, America needs health coverage. Hopefully, those folks we elected will get it right this time. We don't need any more voodoo. We sure won't survive long with this bad medicine that's been shoved down our throats!
Now, about that five bucks each and every one of you are going to send me...I've got the hat and I can find a pot to put the money in. Y'all get your wallets out!



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