'Changes Coming On'

17 October, 2016rodster385Comments (0)



Author's note: I first posted this blog almost one year ago. If you've been paying attention lately, you'll know that nothing has changed for the better. In fact, one of the most googled terms last week was 'World War III.' So, what are we doing here? From what little I can believe from the mainstream media, it appears that one year later, it is we who have become the aggressor and over what? Some unfounded notion that Russia might sway our presidential election via cyber hacking? Those of you who really, really believe that it's not being swayed by folks closer to home...raise your hands. That's what I thought. So, what's the real reason we are now banging our own war drums? What is the ulterior motive behind our threat to go head to head with Russia? What is so important that we would risk the lives of our service men and women with an altercation with Russia? Really...what is really at stake here? It's time we ask ourselves that question, and perhaps it's time to dig a deep hole out back and stock it with ten years of bottled water and our bug-out gear. We are talking Russia here. Russia... 


I can feel the changes coming on...can't you? Oh, well yeah, the time change thing is coming...that's a definite change. Fall will soon fall behind and those merciless north winds will chill us to the bone. Before we can wipe our noses, Black Friday will come and go and we'll all be frantic and frayed as the Christmas season pounces on us whether we're ready or not. Yes, those changes are coming...but that's not the changes I'm talking about here.
Unless you've been living in a cave out in the Arkansas Ozarks, you surely know the changes I speak of. We are living in historic times, times such as those our grandfathers told us about. Those who survived those times survived to tell the stories. There were some stories they never told. They could not bring themselves to tell the story, nor could they find it within their being to allow us to hear it. And now our time has come. There will come a day when there will be stories we won't want to tell.
Russia. I am old enough to recall the drills at school. Nuclear drills...in the event of a nuclear attack, we knew what to do. First graders we were, and we knew to scurry into the hallways, sit on the floor and put our heads in our laps with our arms covering our heads. We were then to wait quietly for an atomic bomb to kill us all. There has never been a time since those days that I thought Russia was our friend.
And today we have Russia, accompanied by Iran, beating the war drums. Is their mission to wipe out ISIS? I don't think so, but if in the course of accomplishing their mission they do manage that...I'll give them a star. We sure as heck haven't made a dent in their 'Je-Had' operation. But no, that is not the intended purpose of the storm settling over in that neck of the woods. Our ruler has sent in 'less than fifty' of our very best and I'm not sure what his intended purpose is either. Sure glad I'm not one of the chosen few, though.
Meanwhile, as if they don't have enough on their plate, Russia has reportedly parked several of their subs and ships directly over the massive network of fiber optic cables that connect the world. If I were running something, I'd be asking what their plans are to take out our satellites hovering overhead. I'm sure they've got a plan there, as well. They are cruising just miles off the Alaskan border and just as Sarah Palin promised, are supposedly constructing a base in her back yard, up in the Artic Circle. Why? I dunno, I'm just a country boy.
Then there's China, who has blatantly stated they have no problems going to war with us. Have no clue what we've done to piss them off. Unlike Russia, the Chinese don't have to overthrow rebels and take over countries...they just build their own. They don't seem to be fond of us taking a sightseeing tour of their new man-made lands. I don't know what they have in mind with this endeavor, but I'd bet the farm they aren't planning to grow rice out there on those islands.
So, we have Russia, Iran, and China...then there's always North Korea, and we know their cracker ain't got a whole lot of salt. (Let them try to translate that!) We shouldn't forget about those 'Men in Black' who are going to need somewhere to go once Russia runs them out of Syria. You know us, we'll take anybody!
I've spent some time thinking about it, and if I should get to choose who would come take our country over, I pick Russia. I think they'd still let me read my bible...and drink. China might not be so bad as long as I don't have to learn to speak Chinese or eat rice. Now if I have to choose between ISIS and our very own government taking us over...wow, that's a tough decision. I don't spend much time worrying over that...pretty sure they won't let me pick.
It is my own personal life that I most feel the changes coming on, though. Perhaps because of all the worldly turmoil that is surely bound to affect me sooner or later. I've always been one to ride a dead horse. I've had the same job for over twenty years. Only stayed fifteen years at the job before that. I've lived in the same house in the same town for longer than some of you have been around. Folgers coffee and a dunkin' stick for breakfast for as long as I can remember. And a chocolate chip cookie before snuggling up to a cold pillow in my bed. Suddenly I yearn for change. Perhaps the time has come. There are things I wish to do before my world changes. The changes are destined to come and I believe, as I sit her on this Saturday night, I shall begin by setting the clocks back. If only we could go back and change the changes coming on.

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