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    Joke List
    Joke Rating Date Type
    25 Signs Youíre Addicted to FarmVille5.002011-11-22T
    The Twelve Days of Christmas FarmVille Style:5.002011-11-22T
    I Thought I Was...0.002011-10-25T
    Farmville Police Report4.002011-07-30P
    Dirty Spelling5.002011-07-30T
    Questions & Answers with Kids0.002011-07-30T
    The Mink Coat0.002011-06-26T
    Electric Train0.002011-06-26T
    Over 25 and Alive0.002010-02-11T
    A Fish Story0.002010-02-11T
    A Study of Women0.002010-02-11T
    Snoring Problem5.002010-02-11T
    The Haircut0.002010-02-11T
    Chicken Little Story0.002010-02-11T
    Math Homework0.002010-02-11T
    Powder Your Nose0.002010-02-11T
    LITTLE BILLY ON...GRAMMAR:0.002010-02-11T
    LITTLE BILLY ON... MATH:0.002010-02-11T
    LITTLE BILLY ON...ENGLISH:0.002010-02-11T
    Little Billy and Candy0.002010-02-11T
    Future Firefighter0.002010-02-11T
    Child Birth0.002010-02-11T
    An Eloping Daughter's Letter to Her Mom5.002010-02-11T
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